List: 7 Things Not To Do When You See “That Guy”

UnknownI am married to “that guy.” You know, the working actor who you know from an occasional film or TV show. The one whose name you can’t remember but that doesn’t stop you from acting like he’s your long lost best friend. I can assure you, he’s not.

1. Don’t Interrupt Him When He’s Fighting with His Wife – especially if there are tears, and there are always tears

2. Don’t tell him what movies he was in – No, he wasn’t in Ghost or the Jerky Boys Movie.

3. When he tells you what movies he wasn’t in – don’t argue with him. He knows his IMDB better than you do. Don’t let IMDB stand for I’m a Dumb Bastard.

4. Don’t recognize him at a bathroom stall – his hands are busy

5. Don’t call him “that guy”

6. Don’t reenact scenes from films he was in, quoting lines and expecting him to remember them. He’s an actor. He shot the film, collected his money, and had a life.

7. Don’t. Whatever it is. Just Don’t.